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Vinyl Car Wraps Brisbane

We specialize in designing and installing vinyl car wraps for your business vehicles.

We can do car wraps from a single vehicle to entire fleet signage for your cars, vans, trucks and even heavy equipment!

Having your company's vehicles all professionally branded creates an eye catching and more importantly makes your company memorable.

People are taking notice of your company subliminally!

Every time your vehicles are on the road with your colours and branding, people are seeing you.

Many of our clients notice an uptake in the the amount of phone calls they receive when they have added new signage to their cars and vans.

If you’re looking for automotive vinyl wrap Australia, call Car Wrappers today!

Whatever your reasons, you have come to the right place.

At Our Vehicle Wrapping Centre, we offer professional vehicle wrapping services.

We have highly trained, staff, in house graphic design and a purpose design workshop to provide the very best quality on the market.

Car Wrapping Brisbane

We have an in house design team who will work with you to turn your vehicles into advertising assets. We are flexible in how we work and we work with you and what your requirements are, from full automotive vinyl wraps or partial wraps.

Choose from a wide range of unique colors and textures, or pick a custom color and stand out on the road with your own personal style!

We can add the extra options such as one way vision signage and ute signs.

Every vehicle within your company can have professional signage installed that is custom designed and fitted.

Our Vinyl Wrapping Services

Our wraps are also easy to care for, meaning you’ll save time when cleaning your car.

All you’ll need is soap and water to keep your vinyl wrap job looking sharp.

Vinyl wraps also act as a shield for your car, protecting it from chips, abrasions and weathering. Unlike a paint job, vinyl wrapping can be safely and easily removed.

This means when you want to sell your car, the car’s original factory colour will be perfectly preserved, increasing the car’s resale value.

We offer both full and partial automotive vinyl wrapping.

We offer many different colours of vinyl wrapping, and can even create custom designs that can’t be achieved with paint, such as graphics and images.

Whether you want your bonnet, roof or boot wrapped, or your entire car, we’ve got you covered.

Professional Car Vinyl Wrap Australia

Our team is highly experienced and can deliver incredible vinyl wrapping results no matter the scope of the job. We’ve worked on vehicles of all shapes and sizes, and undergone rigorous training to ensure results that exceed expectations.

At Car Wrappers we believe quality is everything. Quality services and quality products mean quality results every single time. We begin every vinyl wrap installation with a thorough clean of your vehicle in our workshop, to ensure a clean application.

We then apply the wrap, using specialised tools and heat guns to apply the wrap to every surface necessary.

This leaves you with a stunning finish and a vehicle you can be proud of.

We will help you choose the right strip for the right design, your car looks classy.