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Nowadays, everyone wants to be heard in a highly competitive market climate. One of the most inexpensive and efficient methods of making your company visible is car signage.

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BB Car Wrappers  are the vehicle wrap experts. Let us help you develop a template for the installation. If you do not have your own idea, do not worry that our experts will work with you to achieve the result that you have desired for your business car signage. For all of our vehicle signs, we just use premium materials and extremely durable and scratch-resistant vinyl. Turn your car into a vibrant, wrapped moving commercial for your business.

Professional Car Wrap

Car Professional Wrap
Our car wrapping experts have you covered, whether you want to turn your commercial vehicle into a moving billboard or spice up your ride with race-inspired graphics.

Using car wraps for your commercial vehicle provides tremendous advantages. It serves as an outstanding marketing medium, first of all, and secondly, it protects the paint job from UV, moisture and accidental scratches.

Our experts in car wrapping have more than 23 years of experience in applying vinyl wraps to all types of vehicles, regardless of model or make, whether commercial or residential.

In Australia, car wrapping is a popular trend and fully complies with Australian rules and regulations. The wrap takes two to three days to harden up after application, and once it does, it serves as a durable, protective layer that can withstand extreme heat and UV rays.

Why Consider Us for Car Wraps ?

An significant component of your business marketing strategy is vehicle wrap. While it is important to be bold and imaginative in terms of design, in the first place, too much clutter can defeat the intent of wraps.

A flawless car wrapping begins by taking accurate measurements and measuring up the vinyl wrap along the body lines of the vehicle. If there’s a custom body kit in your car, we’ll factor that in.

We use short text and wide fonts when it comes to signs, so that your audience can see the message in the limited time that your vehicle passes by. There’s no physics of the rocket; only a basic reasoning to make the best of your expenditures for signage.

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With over 20+ years of experience in design and installation, our team produces a quality in vehicle signage that you can’t get anywhere else. If you have a fixed budget, we can help with a cost-effective car wrapping e solution and can give you that wow factor to convert spectators to customers. Call us or email for your obligation free quote and be a part of the thousands of happy and satisfied customers whose car signs in Australia makes them noticed every single day.


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