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Car Wrapping What You Should Know

Things You Should Know About Car Wrapping

Vehicle wrapping has many cool benefits, but you should know some options before you have it done.

Everyone likes the feeling of hitting the road in a shiny, brand new car. A new paint job can have the same effect, giving your old and trusty car a fresh look and makeover.

But are there better options?
More and more people are using vinyl car wrapping and they would recommend it without hesitation.
It is less expensive than buying a fancy new car and more versatile than a paint job; car wrapping may be the perfect option.

What should a buyer know about it?

The cost of a full vehicle wrap is roughly in the same range as a repaint, depending on the modifications desired.
It will depend on the needs of the customer or for a business if it is a company car.
A full wrap won’t be less than $1000, but neither will a quality paint job.
If this is out of a customer’s budget, then there are of course, cheaper options.
Whatever is decided to update a car, the owner and driver has to live with it. Either way, if you do your research, wrapping doesn’t have to break the bank.

Look After your Vinyl Wrap

Just as with a paint job, the details of a vehicle wrap must be adequately cared for if they are to remain the same quality.
It is recommended that vehicle wraps be hand washed only, and at least once a week.
Use recommended products specifically formulated for the vinyl. Attempting to put your wrapped car through an automatic car wash could result in irrevocable damage to the vinyl wrap.
Looking after your car after it has been wrapped does involve some extra work, but it’s worth it to keep the car wrap looking like new.
It also extends the life of the film, so the extra effort is worth it.

Auto wrapping can last a very long time if it is properly maintained.
If done correctly – professionally applied and carefully maintained, a car wrap can last about 7 years.
Typically, after 4 to 5 years, customers will notice a difference in quality; the color, gloss, and feel. the wrap will begin to show it’s age.
And this is very true in Brisbane where we have more damage from UV rays. Keeping your car parked in the shade where possible will help to minimize sun damage.

Car Wrapping
Car Wrapping

Have Fun With Your Car’s Appearance

All in all, a vehicle wrap is a good investment made to last forever.
And now comes the fun part!
Car wrapping has so many possibilities that it will turn anyone’s head. Colors, patterns, aesthetics, even placement: everything is customizable. There are several vinyl wrap brands to choose from, and some even offer color changes that change with the light.
There’s also vinyl that mimics other materials like stainless steel, carbon fiber, and leather, not to mention the wide selection of finishes like satin, gloss, semi-gloss, or matte.
There is also the option to create a personalized branding concept
When it comes to fleet signage, the creative or business branding possibilities are virtually endless.

Business Branding And Advertising

Car wrapping offers a fantastic opportunity for any business type looking to get their product in the public eye.
From pizza delivery trucks to landscaping companies, a vehicle wrap with a company logo, colors or slogan is a sure way to get in the eye of passersby and stick in their minds.
There are also opportunities for those who have a driving route; there are companies that will pay to have their company or services placed on a customer’s car.
The options can also include hard signs that can be attached to ute trays. Ute signage is perfect for trades to promote their business from all angles.

Look For A Professional Designer and Installer

Beware of shonky operators. Car wrapping does not solve problems with a car’s paintwork or bodywork
Some people think that a vehicle wrap will cover up dents, rust or paint splatters and make the car look shiny and new.
They couldn’t be more wrong.
Other things that can go wrong with shoddy workmanship are bubbles, wrinkles, and premature lifting of the film due to dirt.
Always get recommendations from other people who have had their cars wrapped for several years.

To prepare your car before being wrapped, the car’s surface must be as smooth and clean as possible!
Otherwise, the film will not adhere properly, bubbles and wrinkles will appear, and any imperfection will be visible underneath.
It is recommended that the car owner thoroughly wash and condition their car before having it vinyl wrapped.
A car detail is always a good idea before wrapping and after the wrap has been removed.

Removing A Car Wrap

It is a process, but it is the only sure way to prevent the film from peeling off prematurely.
If you do decide to sell your car or just want to try a different look, the wrap can be easily removed and the pristine paintwork will still be there under the wrap.
It makes selling a company car a lot easier if the paintwork is perfect with no chips, scratches or sun damage.

We hope we have given you all the benefits of why wrapping your car is a great idea!