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Car Wrapping Capalaba Brisbane

If you are looking for car wraps, we can help.

Car wraps are a common service people get to protect the original paint of the car and customize the look of your car. The color options and styling options available with us can customize your car from a single color to something unique.

We can also provide transparent car wraps that do not change how your car looks but provides protection to the paint.

The affordable car wraps are much more feasible than having to fix the actual paint of the car in case of a scratch. Car wraps are an affordable way to increase the longevity of the car’s actual surface and save money in the long run.

We install car wraps with efficacy so it looks seamless, without any bumps or bumbles.

No one will know your car has car wrap and the customisations will look like original skin when we put the car wrap on.

Color Wraps
Car Wrapping

Colour Change Wraps Capalaba

If you are fed up with the present color of your car and want something new

and interesting, you can go for a colour change car wrap.

The vinyl material of color change car wraps gives you a whole variety of options. You can choose any kind of finishing on your cars such as matt, gloss, metallic, brushed, satin, carbon fiber, or chrome finish.

You can combine your favorite car with the custom color change wraps and completely transform the way your car looks, get the feel of buying a new car without compromising the familiar comfort of an old car.

The color options come in hundred different colors and shades you can choose from. You can customize the look of your car to the T.

Applying color change wraps is value for money.

You will save money on car paint when you get color wraps for your car.

Fleet Signage Capalaba

Whether you want to brand your vehicle by putting your company’s

logo, or simply promote your company on the road, vehicle signage is a great

way to do so.

With beautiful signage, you will get more exposure and more people will know

about your business.

We install high-quality car wraps and signs. They are custom build and designed by graphic designers to fit your vehicle perfectly.

One Way Vision Capalaba

If your vehicle is a commercial vehicle and you need the windows to be non-transparent, show graphic design while not compromising the visibility from inside, one-way vision wraps are the answer for you.

This self-adhesive, the perforated vinyl film will make sure no one looks inside the vehicle while you see outside perfectly well. It is perfect on windows to complete a complete or partial wrap design of the car.

We will provide pre-built one-way vision wrap or customs the design of the wraps to apply on your windows. Professionals’ applications will make sure there are no imperfections.

Car-Styling ( trims and GT stripes)

We provide custom made car styling strips for your car. No matter the model, and color of the car you drive, we can alter its appearance with custom made car styling strips and trims.

These sporty and classy trims will give your cars a transformed look.

It will definitely make your car more unique and beautiful.

We will help you choose the right strip for the right design, your car looks classy.

Car Decals Capalaba

Car decals or car strikers are used by commercial and personal vehicles.

Graphics or letters are written on or cut from self-adhesive vinyl material and put on any vehicle type. Car decals include the lettering of cars and vans, clear vinyl decals, opaque vinyl decals, perforated decals, and high adhesives.

We build custom decals and help apply them to your car seamlessly.


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