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Car Signs Brisbane

Turn your work or fleet vehicles into mobile advertisements with our vehicle signs. Think of them as a driving billboards for your business.

Our in house graphic design team know how to create the perfect sign to get you and your company vehicle noticed by the right people.

We will expertly do all the sign installation at our installation centre.

Car Signage Is The Easiest Way To Promote Your Business

A vehicle decal is a large vinyl graphic or decals applied directly to the original paint of a car, van or truck.

What Is Vehicle Signage?

Vehicle signage is usually large vinyl graphics attached to your car, truck, van, or even machinery that displays your brand. 

There are different types of vehicle signage, from simple graphics on the doors to full or partial wraps to rear windows visible on one side. 

We have several options for different needs and budgets.

Vehicle wraps (full or partial).

Ute tray and tool box signs

One-way vision windows

Color Wraps

Whatever your reasons, you have come to the right place.

At Our Vehicle Wrapping Centre, we offer professional vehicle wrapping services.

We have highly trained, staff, in house graphic design and a purpose design workshop to provide the very best quality on the market.

Wrapping A Vehicle Is Done In Three Stages.


The first step involves creating a unique design that represents your company.

Taking accurate measurements of the vehicle and determining the pattern or design of the graphic that will be applied is vital. 

You do not want anything placed on an area of the car that will distort your message or branding.

We have to take into account side mirrors, door handles and contours on the car's bodywork.

We use Australian car templates.

We have had several disasters at installation when a company has brought in a design created by a graphic designer not experienced with fleet wrapping.

We have had to redo all the design work to make it fit the vehicles correctly.

Save time and money by having it done right the first time!

The second step involves the fabrication and printing of the vinyl wrap pieces.

The final step is the install and applying the film to the vehicle. 

The application of automotive wrap is made by trained installers, and we work quickly and effectively to install the vinyl over the existing paintwork.

We work in a dust-free environment to fit the vinyl without any risk of dust particles creating tiny bubbles underneath.

Good Quality Wrap Can Be Removed At Any Time Without Damaging The Paintwork

We use the best car vinyl on the market - 3M.

We are premium partners, and we order in bulk, which means we can keep our prices reasonable.

Be warned - We are NOT the cheapest car-wrappers in Brisbane!

The cheaper your quote will mean, the cheaper the product that will be applied to your car.

If you are ready to inquire how we can create the perfect car branding for your fleet - Get in touch now, and we can start preparing a quote for you.

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