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Car wrapping is art!

Let our graphic design team create something truly

perfect for your car and your business.

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Car Design Is A Passion

With over 40 years of graphic designing, there is nothing more exciting when you see your work in 3D on a car. It keeps encourages ideas and suggestions to all customers.

To give you the ultimate in looks, finish and durability for your vinyl wrapped vehicle, our

design team will work with you on a one-on-one basis to put together a design for your vehicle or vehicles that truly represents your business and exactly what message you are trying to convey to the public.

Vinyl wrapping is a form of ‘art,’ it is expressive, particular and precise; it needs intricate detail and commitment.

When our client expresses an interest for a ‘car wrap,’ they are often unsure of what to expect and hope that the design team can come up with a design that they are happy with.

We dive deep into each company's brand and identity and we will always come up with something original but also perfect for each business we deal with.

Some businesses require simple and clean looking graphics, while other with businesses, we can unleash a riot of colour and patterns for their wrap design